Shriek Week 2016

On October 27-28-29 the Great Sun Nation participated in Shriek Week at Sugar Sands Park.    This was a great event put on by the City of Boca Raton, with haunted houses and other Halloween activities.    The highlight for the kids is to go through the Trick-or-Treat Trail.   The GSN had a table and gave away around 2000-3000 pieces of candy to the young kids.    The little kids loved our headdresses and we were one of the most popular tables.     We also were raffling off a tent and collecting names of potential new members.    When we told people about the GSN and what we do, they became very excited.    It was great to team up with the City and have a successful recruiting event and getting our name out to the public.  Special thanks to the Arapahoe, Arawak, Dakota, Dorado, Seneca and Shoshone tribe for volunteering at the event.