Disney’s Fort Wilderness 2016 Camp out


This is a short recap of what was one Great family outing. With over 250 people things went perfectly. The weather was cooperating with warm days and cool nights. This was the first time we used an RV camping loop! From the feedback I have received, everyone enjoyed accessing electricity, water and cable TV! Parking was such a pleasure!

By 6 p.m. Friday we had all campers checked in and fires were burning . I saw quite a few members watching fireworks at the beach followed by a movie and s’mores at Camp Arapahoe.

Saturday morning our loop was stirring with a buzz of activity! The Shoshones set up a rope line and built special teepees out of Spanish Moss in the field with the Arapahoes. Now, that’s what I call teamwork! Plenty of kids played tether ball and soccer games before breakfast!!

As the day got warmer, it was certainly time to head to the pool.  Pool time with the GSN was over the top with the largest dodge ball game that the staff had seen in years. When Disney staff shouted out to the guests “ Where are you all from?” It was clear that GSN was in the house. What was meant to be a 30 minute game went on for an hour and a half. As the sun started to go down and the air cooled off it was time to get ready for a fun night. The Arapahoes were treated to a group bus ride to Disney Springs. We ate at Bongos on the water with almost 40 kids and adults! We were blessed with dancers who took the kids on a congo line through the restaurant to give the parents time to eat and relax. After dinner, it was time for a walk and we ended up at the Lego store where the kids built race cars and had a bunch of fun. Now with a quick call to Disney, a bus was brought to a special spot that took us directly back to our camp site. Saturday night was wonderful with groups of tribes walking the loop and hanging with each other and we all found a common bond. We had a great turn out for the new Star Trek movie with lots of great snacks.

Sunday was our final day and most of our group was packed up and on their way but a few hung out till 1pm . I was pleased to walk the grounds with the Disney Management Team after everyone left. The place looked almost as good as the way we found it and we have been asked to come back next year. Good news -after my meeting with Disney Management, we have been offered a full loop next to the pool!! We can block this off to have it totally to ourselves. We look forward to seeing you all soon! And thank you, for being part of such a great group and making everything ‘just right’!