On Jan. 12 the campers of the Great Sun Nation embarked to Circle F Dude Ranch located just outside of downtown Lake Wales, FL.  This is an annual destination for our group with more activities to do than any other campout.  To start the weekend off, the Chesapeake’s hosted a talent show on Friday night, which did not disappoint.  There were individual acts, group acts, acts which were put together in a matter of minutes and those which had been rehearsed for several weeks.  Saturday was a day of endless activity.  Breakfast was served at 8:30am at the Mess Hall then immediately onto horseback riding, Trinkets in the Hay and Dodgeball.  The Rock Wall, Zip line, BB Gun and Archery ranges were steady draws for all attendees throughout the day, especially for those who wanted some extra excitement.  The weather was cool and windy, so we were not able to launch our model rockets, which is always fun, as Circle F boasts hundreds of acres for us to play on.  Our annual Father/Child egg toss was held just after lunch and we had well over 100 participants.  Some chose to forego the egg toss and take advantage of the beautiful sunny day on a kayak or canoe on Circle F’s lake.  Others simply basked in the sunshine at the playground.  The main draw at Circle F is our giant campfire on Saturday night, which includes fireworks and most importantly, our Bear Claw Ceremony to welcome all new families to our Nation.  The Walla Walla’s did a great job with the fire ceremony and a great time was had by all.  This event is a staple in our annual schedule and we look forward to another great trip in January, 2019.