Blue Springs Campout

On October 21st 46 families traveled north to the beautiful Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Fl.    We were treated to one of the most beautiful natural springs.    The water was crystal clear and cold.   We saw manatees and many other fish enjoying the clean waters.     The highlight was tubing to the spring head and enjoying the natural beauty.   There was wild life all over the place with raccoons, armadillos and peacocks roaming the grounds.    On Saturday night we gathered together for our first every Corn Ceremony to celebrate the harvest.    We have over 40 carved pumpkins to mark the ceremony.   Each child threw a handful of corn into the fire, returning our small kernels of thanks for all that you have given us.   Then we made tons of s’mores.    We were also treated to the coolest weather in a long time,  with overnight temps dipping into the low 50’s.