Shriek Week 2016

On October 27-28-29 the Great Sun Nation participated in Shriek Week at Sugar Sands Park.    This was a great event put on by the City of Boca Raton, with haunted houses and other Halloween activities.    The highlight for the kids is to go through the Trick-or-Treat Trail.   The GSN had a table and gave away around 2000-3000 pieces of candy to the young kids.    The little kids loved our headdresses and we were one of the most popular tables.     We also were raffling off a tent and collecting names of potential new members.    When we told people about the GSN and what we do, they became very excited.    It was great to team up with the City and have a successful recruiting event and getting our name out to the public.  Special thanks to the Arapahoe, Arawak, Dakota, Dorado, Seneca and Shoshone tribe for volunteering at the event.

Blue Springs Campout

On October 21st 46 families traveled north to the beautiful Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Fl.    We were treated to one of the most beautiful natural springs.    The water was crystal clear and cold.   We saw manatees and many other fish enjoying the clean waters.     The highlight was tubing to the spring head and enjoying the natural beauty.   There was wild life all over the place with raccoons, armadillos and peacocks roaming the grounds.    On Saturday night we gathered together for our first every Corn Ceremony to celebrate the harvest.    We have over 40 carved pumpkins to mark the ceremony.   Each child threw a handful of corn into the fire, returning our small kernels of thanks for all that you have given us.   Then we made tons of s’mores.    We were also treated to the coolest weather in a long time,  with overnight temps dipping into the low 50’s.

Museum Overnight

On Saturday Sept 10th – 133 dads and kids invaded the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale.   We started off with a pizza dinner and then had went to our lab.   We built roller coasters out of foam tubes and masking tape.    There were some amazing designs and some even worked.    I think the dads had as much fun as the kids.   After the labs, we had the run of the museum.   The Mars rover and flight simulator were very popular.  We tried in vain to get the kids to sleep by midnight, but even turning off all the lights didn’t help.    Everyone had a great time.

Ice Skating Party 8-20

What a ‘cool’ event!  We had 139 skaters and lot of dads and moms as spectators on ice skates for 3 hours at Incredible Ice in Coral Spring.  Included In the  above number were 31 dads and kids which are prospective members.  Everyone had a great time and it was a relief from the extreme heat outside.  This was our first ever Ice Skating party.  It was also a great reunion and kick off to the camping season.  We would like to thank the Seneca for setting up this great event.  Thanks for all that came today and we hope to make this an annual tradition

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

On Saturday May 7th, the Great Sun Nation, along with the Timucuan Nation of Jacksonville, collected money to help fund research to cure juvenile cancer.    This is our second year of collecting money for this great cause.   We want to recognize Ed Bittman for organizing this event and being the leading fund raiser.   We raised over $3500.     I know next year we can do much more.   Thank you to the Arawak, Dorado, Dakota, Seneca and Shoshone tribes for helping man the tables and collect the money.

Xtreme Action Overnight

On May 20th – over 130 dads and kids entered the best playground in the world – Xtreme Action Park.    After orientation we spent had a great dinner followed by unlimited fun.   There was bowling, ropes courses, arcade games, bazooka ball and karting.   If you were bored here – it would have been your own fault.      Only about 20 people stayed over – sleeping in the bazooka ball room.    Aaron gave us a behind the scenes tour of what was coming up next.     What a great time was had by all!

Fiesta Key Campout

On April 15th, over 130 Dads and kids descended on Fiesta Key for our last outdoor campout of the season.   The Dakota tribe did an excellent job in putting together this outing.   We had members from the Arawak, Shoshone, Wolverine, Dakota and Dorado tribes.   The weather was good during the day and a little stormy at night.   Most of the tribes took advantage of the beautiful waters and rented boats to do some exploring and hang out at the sand bar.    Some of the Dorado girls discovered a pod of manatees hanging around the mangroves when they were paddle boarding.    There was a lot of fishing and you could even see juvenile lobsters under the rocks at the seawall.   Great time was had by all.

Peace River Campout

On March 11th, 280 dads and kids descended on the Peace River campground.    This was the second largest campout of the year and set a record for the number of campers.    We had incredible weather for this campout.    On Saturday morning – over 100 canoes set out to explore the river and hunt for fossilized shark teeth.   The river was a little higher than normal making fossil hunting a little difficult.    The best fossil hunting was right by our campsite.    Everyone enjoyed the day playing in the river, rope swing and mud pits.   Saturday night was capped off with a broken arrow ceremony.   We celebrated 8 children who have grown up camping with their dads and the Great Sun Nation.   Luckily no forest fires were set by wayward flaming arrows.

Miami Zoo Campout

On February 19-21 over 60 dads and kids ventured to the wilds of Kendal to camp at the Larry and Penny Thompson park.    This was a beautiful campground.   We had the brightest full moon that weekend.   The highlight of the weekend was the trip to Zoo Miami on Saturday.   This is one of the largest zoos in America.   You could feed giraffes, hippos or see the brand new baby tiger.    Everyone enjoyed themselves as well as the one hour drive home.